9 things to look for before renting a bus
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9 things to look for before renting a bus

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9 things to look for before renting a bus. People with a regular driving license category B are free to sit behind the wheel of buses with a GVW up to 3.5t. It can be useful when you have to deal with moving house or holiday trip. Of course, you don’t have to buy a delivery van right away. They can simply be rented. However, before you decide to use the services of any rental company, pay attention to these 9 things.

    1. What insurance are taken out and what? The standard is of course OC. Good, however, if the car has bought Autocasco and Assistance. Let’s also check the provisions in the contract regarding liability for any damage and whether it is possible to buy additional security. Since we are with insurance, before we leave, let’s find out whether, for example, the agreement does not provide for leaving the rented cars only in guarded parking lots. This will entail additional costs and complicate route planning.
    2. Another basic thing is the technical condition of the rented bus. Especially, if you are planning a longer route, we should at least briefly check whether the car is in good condition. Let’s take a look at the lighting, defects in the body, air in the tires, check the oil level. It is also worth ensuring that all mandatory equipment, such as a fire extinguisher and warning triangle, is on board. You could also use a supply of light bulbs, just in case. When signing the handover protocol, let’s also look at any scratches and other visible defects. Let them be on the record. After returning, it will be difficult to prove that they did not appear during our use.
    3. When receiving the documents, check whether the car has a current review and whether its validity will not expire during your trip – without it, do not decide to leave. Otherwise you run the risk of having trouble checking, let alone a collision or accident.
  1. Many bus rental companies limit the daily mileage limit. It can be, for example, 200 km a day, and this is not enough even to get from Warsaw to Krakow. In this case, you need to recalculate the route you intend to overcome, or ask if there is a possibility of lifting the limit.
  2. Look at the car equipment. Richer equipment means a more comfortable and less tiring journey. Check if the car has:
      • Air conditioning is a small detail that you can easily forget. But is that so important? It seems to be just a short getaway. Because most of us do not go on a daily basis, the importance of a good climate in the cabin will be seen after a few hours behind the wheel;
      • Cruise control is another element that we rarely use every day. You will find out its usefulness in particular by covering the following kilometers of motorways or expressways. Of course, cruise control does not release from focus on the road, but it facilitates a smooth, smooth ride. Thanks to it you will get there less tired and the car will burn less fuel;
      • Satellite navigation will be useful if you are going to a new place, e.g. on vacation or on a business trip. If you do not have it yourself, it is worth checking if it is included in the rental equipment;
      • Car seats and pads are essential if you are traveling with children. make sure they are in the car. You can use your own, but if you do not have them, ask the rental company if they can share them with you. Note, this may involve an additional fee.
  1. If you are considering costs, check the price list carefully. There may be various additional fees. Starting from the preparation of the bus for release, through substitution and collection in another place, ending with the delivery of a dirty car. All this will affect the profitability of the project.
  2. Geographic restrictions. If you intend to travel abroad, it is better to let the rental company know about it. Different types of territorial restrictions may affect the rental option and price. While there should be no major problems when traveling to other EU countries, it may be impossible or unprofitable to travel to Ukraine, for example.
  3. Make sure you know the rules in the country you are going to. Theoretically, all our neighbors are signatories to the Vienna Convention, so you do not have to comply with their mandatory equipment provisions. However, to avoid unnecessary discussions, it is worth preparing yourself properly. A better equipped first aid kit or a supply of reflective vests has not hurt anyone yet.
  4. Think carefully about what car you need. Are you going to transport people or things? And if things, what type? New furniture straight from Ikea, tools for renovation, or maybe accumulated over the years while moving? Each of these loads may have different dimensions, weight and require different conditions. It is worth considering it. If you intend to transport some unusual goods, it will be useful to check whether the rental company has any restrictions, and whether any additional legal regulations apply

These nine points are matters that every driver can handle. Once you manage to settle important matters with a rented bus, each subsequent one will be simple. Renting buses Szczecinis a service as old as motorization. It is worth choosing reliable car rentals.

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