Aesthetic medicine – many problems, one solution
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Aesthetic medicine – many problems, one solution

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Aesthetic medicine is becoming more and more popular and is used by many people. At the clinic of aesthetic medicine, you can perform specific treatments for a specific occasion, remove the change forever, eliminate problems that are a complex for us. For example, a wedding day is a special time for every woman who has just started preparing for this great day. Future brides want to look unearthly then to enchant their future husband and all guests with their appearance. They pay attention to the smallest details, such as hair, nails, makeup or a wedding dress. 

You can go a little further and use the services of aesthetic medicine. It is she who offers us a wide range of different treatments to look stunning on your wedding day. A popular and very popular treatment is cleansing and moisturizing the facial skin. After such treatment, the skin looks refreshed, luminous and rejuvenated, and the future bride can enjoy the effects of the treatment. Massages under pressure are very popular. This treatment is very pleasant and relaxing. Its task is to improve skin tone. If you want to get a visible effect and improvement, you should do this several times, then the skin will be more firm and elastic.

Aesthetic medicine and the fight against wrinkles

The face and neck skin is particularly delicate, and thus more exposed to external factors such as weather and allergies, but also to those that we have no influence on, namely wrinkles. Undoubtedly they are the bane of many of us. Especially women are unable to come to terms with the effects of the passing of time and are doing everything to best hide these shortcomings. Aesthetic medicine has come to the rescue, which has many possibilities to best eliminate the problem, which over time reaches everyone. One of these treatments is the use of hyaluronic acid. It is a substance that moisturizes, but also stores water. It is a great way to improve skin elasticity and firmness. There is also needle mesotherapy, which effectively and accurately removes wrinkles under the eyes. It eliminates signs of fatigue. Nourishes and adds radiance to the skin. There are many other treatments that can give the face a young, fresh glow. These treatments allow you to regain faith and self-confidence, and our interlocutors will definitely see a smile, radiance and a great joy of life.

Aesthetic medicine is a good method for dilated blood vessels. The dilated blood vessels on the face are a disease many people suffer from. They are a huge problem, because from the outside they look very unsightly, and from the inside can be very dangerous. Capillary skin is not dependent on age or gender. It can have a teenager, a mature man, or an old man. It has a genetic basis. This skin is very sensitive. It is associated with hormonal and circulatory disorders. A factor that badly affects this type of skin is prolonged exposure to the sun, alcohol or frost. A good diet has a good effect, taking vitamin C or using creams. However, it is aesthetic medicine, thanks to its innovative treatments, that allows you to fully enjoy the healthy appearance of the skin. One such procedure is a laser that precisely and virtually painlessly closes dilated capillaries. After the treatment your skin may be red or you may notice a slight bruising. After a few days, the symptoms will go away by themselves. This procedure should be repeated several times to achieve better results.

Aesthetic medicine in the fight against acne

Acne is a skin disease that anyone can suffer from regardless of age or gender, but adolescents are particularly vulnerable. The main cause of acne is the production of sebum, and thus the hair follicles close, which causes inflammation. Genetic causes also affect acne. Young people are particularly vulnerable to this unpleasant condition. Due to the large secretion of sebum and so-called hormonal storm. There are many pharmacological companies on the market that come up with new creams, tablets and masks. However, acne is a complex disease and it is very difficult to treat. Aesthetic medicine came to the rescue, which introduced many innovative treatments that allow people with this problem to start living normally. Laser therapy is a very modern method to fight acne. This treatment is very safe and can give very good results. The most popular acne treatment methods are IPL light and copper bromide laser.

Aesthetic medicine for women over 50 and 60 years old

Women who have crossed the magical 50 are beginning to wonder if their beautiful and young looks are just memories. Nothing could be more wrong. Nowadays women have become aware of their beauty and how much they deserve and what they expect. Thinking about these exceptional ladies, aesthetic medicine has developed many treatments so that women who have completed such an mature age can still enjoy the beautiful and flawless complexion of the face, neck or hands. It is important to go to the right office, where specialists will meet all the requirements and expectations of even the most demanding clients. A special treatment that enjoys great success is the treatment with hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles and loss of skin firmness are an inseparable factor in the passage of time. However, we can fight it in many different ways. Volumetric treatments designed to stimulate, for example, based on calcium, which lifts the skin, but also stimulates it to rebuild collagen and elastin.

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