26 Jun, 2024
6 mins read

How to dress for a bachelor party?

How to dress for a bachelor party? Until recently, bachelor parties were associated mainly with parties in nightclubs. Modern men have broken this stereotype, and future grooms can count on attractions such as paintball, canoeing or parachuting. How to make bachelor parties look stylish and comfortable at the same time? What style to choose? When most women choose […]

5 mins read

Tattoos – when to do?

Tattoos – when to do? Until recently, tattoos were associated with the criminal world and a prison. Fortunately, nowadays it looks a bit different – tattoos are common and do not have much consequence in our daily life. What should we know about tattoos? Is a tattoo in summer possible? When is it worth deciding […]

5 mins read

Lace must have

Lace must have: Lace is an extremely feminine material that has found application in the production of many wardrobe items, from underwear to outerwear. The most popular products sewn from lace include the mentioned underwear and dresses, which differ mainly in cut, cut, type of lace and color. They can add femininity, girlishness and sex […]

5 mins read

Fashion 2019 – stand out with style!

Fashion 2019 – stand out with style! Coco Chanel used to say that “fashion passes, style stays.” Following this principle, we will be able to buy prudently, save money and accumulate only such things that will suit any occasion, e.g. formal women’s dresses or a perfectly tailored suit for a man . How to buy so you don’t regret it? The […]