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Car parts – what should you know about them?

Części samochodowe – co powinieneś o nich wiedzieć?

Car parts – what should you know about them? Unfortunately, car accidents are very common. As if that wasn’t enough, they most often happen at times when we really need a car. What’s more, at a time when we don’t have too much…

What is tuning?

Czym jest tuning?

People who don’t know the subject may seem to be talking about some bizarre, not always understandable modifications to the cars we see, e.g. in music videos. Car tuning, however, is a powerful industry and also an element of culture. Tuning…


Auto skup - czym się charakteryzuje

Buying and selling cars in Poland is a slippery topic. Many guides have already been created to help buyers avoid getting on the mine. This time I’ll try to suggest how to sell the car. Let’s start, however, by determining…