Colors of rubber bands for braces
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Colors of rubber bands for braces

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What colors of bands for braces to choose? The installation of orthodontic braces is associated with the need to carry out a long procedure – from the moment of starting the treatment to the very insertion of the braces, even several weeks pass. During this time, the doctor conducts a full diagnosis and, in consultation with the patient, decides on further steps. In the meantime, the patient must, for example, choose rubber bands for braces. Contrary to appearances, this is not an easy task, so it is worth knowing which camera erasers will work in specific cases.

Is choice always possible?

Patients of orthodontic offices should be aware that they will not always be able to choose the color of orthodontic rubber bands on their own. Why? The reason is that sometimes the doctor is required to put metal ligatures on the patient. Then he also has no choice as to their color – they are simply silver, metal. Whether the patient will have rubber or metal ligatures is decided each time by the attending physician. It is he who, on the basis of the diagnostic tests carried out, makes the final decision. Of course, the patient will be informed about why this type of ligature is best for them. Nevertheless, he has no way to influence the decision at this stage of treatment, even if he wants to spice up the appearance of his appliance. It is usually for this reason that we decide on colored erasers.

Dark or light erasers?

Currently, orthodontists provide their patients with a huge selection of colors of rubber bands for braces. Nevertheless, the question remains, which colors are the most popular and will work in a particular case? There are no ready-made answers here, because a lot depends on our approach to the subject, as well as the condition of our teeth. In general, patients would like their braces to be as invisible as possible, so they opt for bright colored bands. However, we must be aware that bright colors work only for those who can boast of a white smile. Of course, few of us have this natural tooth color, but hygienic procedures such as descaling or sandblasting can help here. The white color of ligatures is not recommended for patients with yellow teeth, as it enhances the impression of excessive contrast. The choice could therefore fall on black ligatures, but it is worth bearing in mind that they can give the optical impression of sick, decayed teeth. So if we are struggling with discoloration, for example after coffee or other types of products, it is better to let go of black rubber bands. Colored rubber bands may be the optimal solution, but we must be aware that almost every orthodontic office has so many colors that choosing the right one is a real challenge. We can choose from blue, green, purple, yellow, red or orange rubber bands in various shades.

How to choose the right color of orthodontic elastics?

When choosing the color of orthodontic rubber bands, we should be guided primarily by our own needs and preferences. Let’s pay attention to the profession we perform – sometimes expressive colors of rubber bands will not be desirable. If we like a slightly rebellious, decisive style, dark colors of rubber bands will work well. We can also bet on our favorite color, which will thus perfectly match most of our stylizations. If you do not know what color of rubber bands to choose, ask your doctor for advice. He has extensive professional experience, so he is able to determine what colors of rubber bands look good in specific cases. Remember that the doctor will put rubber bands in the color you choose, unless he decides to put on metal ligatures due to the state of oral health.

Not only ligatures, or a little more about full orthodontic treatment

Choosing the color of orthodontic rubber bands can give some patients sleepless nights. Indeed, it is not easy, especially when it comes to aesthetics. Nevertheless, we should remember that making a choice is in practice only a small part of the whole treatment. If you want to be sure that everything will go smoothly, let’s choose a good orthodontic office. There are specialists employed there who have not only extensive substantive knowledge, but also professional practice. Thanks to this, they will dispel any doubts about the treatment, they will also help in choosing the color of orthodontic rubber bands. Physicians are well aware that the installation of braces is a considerable experience for the patient. On the one hand, he fights for beautiful teeth, on the other hand, he must learn to use the camera and, in a way, cooperate with it. Importantly, we will find high-quality orthodontic rubber bands that do not discolor after a short time of wearing the braces. For many patients, this is a real problem, but in fact, the rapid discoloration of rubber bands is mainly due to their poor workmanship.

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