Dental implants
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Dental implants

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Dental implants are used to fill teeth defects. In order for the implant to fulfill its function properly, it should first of all be durable and functional. Its color must reflect the background of natural teeth. The placement of implants should be carried out by a dentist who has the appropriate qualifications and experience in this field. What should you know about the procedure?

What are dental implants?

Tooth implants are artificial roots that are made of titanium. Their size should correspond to the natural root. A dental implant is the base on which the artificial tooth rests. The number of implants is not the same as the number of missing teeth. There are also situations in which the entire prosthesis is based on just two implants.

The prosthetic crown is an element that performs the function of an artificial tooth. It can be attached to both implants and serve as a tooth, as well as existing teeth to cover up any damage. The crown is inserted to protect a weak tooth from possible fractures. It is also used to repair a broken tooth and to fix the bridge and cover the tooth after root canal treatment.

Crowns worn on dental implants can come in a variety of varieties. Metal crowns are made of various metal alloys. Their biggest drawback is undoubtedly the low aesthetics. The effect cannot be obtained in the form of a natural tooth color. The case is completely different with acrylic crowns. They are made of acrylic in natural tooth color. However, in this case there are some disadvantages. It’s all about their low durability. For this reason, crowns of this type are only used as a temporary solution. A certain combination of predecessors is a metal crown faced with acrylic. What is characterized by? Its front part is made of acrylic in natural tooth color. In dental offices, however, they are not very popular due to the fact that they are not aesthetic and durable. However, high aesthetics can be said in the case of a ceramic crown. Made of porcelain, it does not differ from the natural color of the teeth. Tooth implants with a ceramic crown will look very effective, but for this type of product, the patient will have to bear a fairly high cost. The most commonly used is a metal crown veneered with porcelain. It imitates natural teeth very well.

How is the procedure for placing dental implants carried out?

At the beginning a surgical procedure is performed, during which holes are drilled in the alveolar ridge. They are used to screw in dental implants. A pantomographic image should be taken prior to implant placement. Thanks to it, the doctor will be able to determine if the amount of bone tissue in the gum will be sufficient for implant placement.

If it turns out that bone loss has occurred, then the doctor decides to carry out controlled bone regeneration. Such a procedure involves creating the necessary amount of bone tissue that is necessary for future dental implants .

Implant implantation can be performed under both local anesthesia and under general anesthesia. This type of treatment is completely painless and depending on its type, it can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The moment the implant is inserted, the surgeon must ensure that its position is stable. After confirming this information, the wound is sewn. After such a procedure, the implant is completely imperceptible in the mouth.

The next stage is revealing the implant and screwing in a special healing screw. The task of the screw is to accelerate the process associated with healing of the mucosa in the implant environment. The gum shape is also shaped to fit under the future crown. The regeneration period usually lasts 14 days and after it you can go to the prosthetic filling.

When the dental implants are in place, the dental impressions are taken and the artificial tooth is attached. With the patient, the color of the future crown is individually determined. During the last visit, the doctor connects the connector with the implant. If the whole is stable, the dentist can attach the prosthetic crown.

The patient can also count on a number of tips that relate primarily to proper oral hygiene. Periodic follow-up visits will also be necessary.

Expensive investment?

Tooth implants are quite a expense. Its implantation may cost around 3500 PLN. As for connectors and crowns, their price depends mainly on the material. A steel connector with a porcelain crown may cost PLN 600, but if the patient decides to use a ceramic crown on a zirconium base and a connector also made of this material, then he must prepare for an expense of over PLN 2,000.

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