Facebook campaigns.
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Facebook campaigns.

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Advertising on Facebook is currently one of the most effective tools to reach customers. The database of its users allows reaching over 15 million Polish Internet users and Internet users by means of an advertising message. Declarative data (provided when registering or completing the profile) allows you to reach a very specific user. A big plus of the Facebook campaign  is the ability to direct people to specific positions – regardless of whether you are looking for an employee or want to sell a service for companies – you can reach the same president thanks to personalized advertising. However, Facebook’s biggest resource is users’ behavioral data – likes, tracking social profiles, comments give the possibility of very effective profiling of advertising campaigns.

Facebook is one of the most effective customer acquisition tools. All thanks to the ability to target personalized ads to a specific user. Let’s assume that your clients are young parents. Facebook is an advertising system that allows parents of children of all ages to reach their parents. Do you sell theater tickets? No problem, we reach people who are fans of your competition. Raise the stick higher. You want to sell a landline phone to a woman over 45 years old – thanks to the data that Facebook users share with us, we don’t have the slightest problem and we will reach the chosen recipient with the advertisement.

If you want to increase sales in your store – Facebook advertising is for you, if you want to build your image and PR – Facebook campaigns are for you, if you want to interact with customers – gain potential customers or get an opinion on your service, you won’t be surprised if we say Facebook is for you. Facebook is a tool that will allow you to reach not only the individual customer (B2C), but also carry out advertising campaigns targeted at companies (B2B). In addition, Facebook has been modeling its search engine for some time, it is a response to the demand of users who are increasingly looking for answers in the internal Facebook search engine. As a result, their profile is more complete, and Facebook campaigns are even more effective.

The most important thing in Facebook advertising campaigns is to define the goal we want to achieve and the target group to which we will address the message. By combining declarative (what the user says about himself) and behavioral (what the user reacts to FB) we can reach people interested in any product or service. For this purpose, we can not only use information that users leave on their profiles, but also their behavior on the portal. If you want to sell the product on your website – we will reach a person who willingly goes beyond Facebook. If you want a user to like your fanpage, we will redirect ads to people who are active on Facebook. If you have a newsletter on your website, we can use your Facebook database   , thanks to which we reach people who know your company with new content and increase engagement in your brand . We respect our clients’ money, so if achieving the goal is unrealistic. We are not afraid to say it and we propose another solution.

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