Fashion 2019 – stand out with style!
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Fashion 2019 – stand out with style!

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Fashion 2019 – stand out with style! Coco Chanel used to say that “fashion passes, style stays.” Following this principle, we will be able to buy prudently, save money and accumulate only such things that will suit any occasion, e.g. formal women’s dresses or a perfectly tailored suit for a man . How to buy so you don’t regret it?

The basis of women’s fashion: the perfect dress

The dress can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. A well-chosen model will give us grace and style, and thanks to a properly selected cut we will emphasize the attributes of the figure. Colorful fashion is a great choice for those who love juicy, summer colors. It is worth remembering especially in the context of choosing a cut for big outings. Let’s answer the question: what dresses will be fashionable in 2019?

Evening dresses – when choosing an outfit, remember to adjust the style of creation to the occasion and … to your figure. If your figure is a typical pear, put on a dress fitted at the bust and waist, widening at the bottom. A good choice will also be an outfit in the style of the 50s: with a V-neck and underlined waist. Apple-shaped figure requires hiding a prominent belly, which will help cut with a raised waist. You will camouflage the large breasts by choosing the A-shaped dress. Slim holders of the boy’s silhouette will add femininity thanks to the exposed back and girlish frills.

When choosing colors, you have more room to display than men, but choose a shade that matches your complexion and circumstances. Despite the great popularity of the little black dress, we advise you not to choose her for a wedding, but it will work on a date or an elegant dinner.

Casual dresses:

denim – the return of denim dresses is great news for supporters of casual casual style. Most denim dresses are comfortable urban style skirts. Jeans is also present in dresses in the style of the 60s – flared, with a ribbon at the waist, masking too ample hips and buttocks.

oversize – comfortable, perfect dresses for every woman every day regardless of the size.

boho – return of boho style dresses will please lovers of casual, romantic style. It is in this trend that colorful fashion in all colors of the rainbow dominates. Floral prints, white, lace and light materials dominate here ideal for summer days. Spanish-style models (with bare shoulders) are common. The subtlety and femininity of this style has not gone out of fashion for many seasons.

Male fashion. How to choose a suit?

The best men’s suits in 2019 are very classic, universal, with an elegant, timeless cut. While women’s fashion is evolving from season to season, men’s rather stick to the canon developed over the years, slightly changing. So let ‘s buy a fashionable men’s suit wisely, following the principles of good style.

Rules for choosing a well-tailored suit:

      • The suit jacket should be ideally suited to your dimensions. Too short or tight will look as bad as too loose and long. When fitting it, make sure that its sleeves end approx. 2-3 cm above the wrist joint. After fastening the button, the jacket should not wrinkle – it means it is too tight
      • Suit pants must be perfectly matched in terms of length. Fashionable narrow pants should reach to the upper part of the upper of the shoe
      • The suit should be selected taking into account the appearance of the figure. Tall and slim men can choose narrow pants in line with trends, which should be considered by men with a stable, athletic figure.
      • A tie is an element that can contrast with the rest of the outfit and be a color complement to your partner’s outfit

And to the suit … men’s socks. Mandatory!

Hardly anyone asks the question how to choose the perfect socks for a formal outfit. Meanwhile, the end result often depends on such a small detail. Formal clothing obliges to maintain a certain dose of safety, so when completing an extremely elegant stylization do not go crazy. Bet on shades matching the main color: black, gray or navy blue.

However, there are situations when you can easily get carried away by your imagination. Then put a list of colors, e.g. pocket square or tie with a shade of socks (socks in every shade can befound here . For such a combination you need sense and good style, so if you do not fully trust yourself, ask a professional for help. Well-colored details of the outfit will make your styling stand out and emphasize individuality. Knowing the basic principles of color selection will not make any mistake.

Errors you should avoid:

    • Sporty or incorrectly selected socks for a formal outfit
    • Too flashy colors of the jacket or accessories
    • Badly tailored suit from cheap material
    • Too long trousers at suit trousers
    • Too tight jacket or dress emphasizing the shortcomings of the figure
    • Buying a men’s suit inadequate to the occasion

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