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Home for seniors

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Home for seniors – many people face the problem of giving a household member to a retirement home. Unfortunately, sometimes life directs itself in such a way that there is no other option. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right facility that will take care of the elderly in a responsible and reliable way. There are many such facilities throughout Poland. Both in private and state institutions. In this article, we would like to provide you with some information about these places.

What is the difference between a private institution and a state institution?

Many people would say that the two facilities differ only in price. Well, this is wrong thinking, because apart from the price, there are many other things that differ between the two types of establishments. These things include, first of all, the presence of simplified procedures in private institutions, which give the possibility of placing a senior in a private facility of a retirement home in no time. On the other hand, when in a state institution, you have to wait much longer for such a place. Private homes for seniors are also characterized by the fact that they are facilities of a higher standard. This is primarily about issues such as the possibility of adapting individual meals, for example when it comes to people struggling with allergies. In private centers, patients have more opportunities to develop and manage their time, through various types of outings, occasional and integration events, as well as many others. When it comes to the price of a patient’s stay in old age centers, it must be borne in mind that it will be regulated by several factors, including the state of mental and physical health of the future resident. Because, as we know, a patient with a worse health condition will need more attention and care from the staff. For people who are wondering which institution to choose, whether private or state, it is worth getting acquainted with the offers of many institutions, both private and public, because only then will you be able to make the right decision.

What should a suitable home for the elderly look like?

A home for the elderly should primarily create a sense of security and comfort for the elderly residing there. This is extremely important, but the resident felt almost at home in such a place. Of course, this is not entirely possible, but you can try to evoke such impressions. It is therefore important that the rooms are comfortable, that the residents have access to various types of activities, participation in manual activities, but also access to options such as access to television and even the Internet. Another issue is that such a center should have qualified staff who will be able to help the senior at any time in a sudden, unforeseen situation, but also to take care of him in a reliable and appropriate way every day. It is also worth remembering that seniors who are referred to such a facility are elderly people, i.e. people who have their own habits and habits.

What should be kept in mind when sending an elderly person to a retirement home?

Before referring a senior to a retirement home, he or she should be prepared in an appropriate way for such a situation. Such preparation can take place through a conversation, but also by visiting a given senior home with him. Thanks to this, he will not feel so much stress related to the whole situation, which will be something new and unknown to him. Because he will have to struggle not only with the new place, but above all with other people living there. When directing an elderly person to a retirement home, it is important to remember to maintain contact with such a person. Both by phone, but also visit him whenever possible. It is extremely important that the senior does not feel left alone and that someone still remembers him. Another issue is that so that a senior staying in a retirement home can still actively participate in all family celebrations and spend all holidays with his closest people. During this time, therefore, you should take the senior to his hometown as far as possible. You should also not forget about frequent contact with the staff of the center to keep up to date with information about the resident, i.e. his health condition, as well as how he communicates with other people staying there and whether he simply feels good there.


There are many centers providing services to the elderly in Poland . Some of these centers are specifically dedicated to people struggling with mental health problems. In such places, they will find professional care tailored to their individual needs. Thanks to such places, the elderly will find appropriate care in situations where the family is unable to take care of them for various reasons.

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