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How much do removals cost?

Ostania aktualizacja 30 January 2023

How much do removals cost? Moving is a very common phenomenon these days. Both young people and the elderly are looking for the perfect place to live, which is why they decide to change their place of residence. However, we must remember that this is quite a problematic issue that should be properly thought out and planned.

How much will it cost us to move? How to prepare for moving? How to organize a move with a transport company? What date will be ideal for moving? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

How much will it cost us to move?

Before we start considering how much international or domestic removals cost, we should consider what the cost of this type of service is. At first glance, it seems to us that the cheapest move is to move on your own. During it, the help of loved ones is used, in addition, we must have a relatively large car that is able to accommodate as many packages as possible. However, it is worth realizing that in practice this means regular running between apartments. During the day, we will sometimes make even a dozen or so routes, and we still will not be able to transport some items, such as large furniture. In addition, we can not boast of specialized equipment, thanks to which the transport of furniturewill not be problematic. This leads to the fact that the time of the entire removal process is prolonged, and additionally we are exposed to high costs. We are constantly tired and stressed, which can cause us to forget about important elements. However, it is worth realizing that companies are movingor apartments can be taken care of by a specialist transport team. The cost of this type of service is calculated per hour and depends on many factors. Among them, we can distinguish the duration of the process, the distance from two places, the loading area of ​​the four-wheeler, the amount of packaging materials used, transport carts, and the deadline. One employee is a cost oscillating around PLN 70 per hour. With the increase in the number of cars and workers, the final cost may increase even three times. Despite everything, the price of moving is relatively low, taking into account the multitude of advantages of this solution.

How to prepare for moving?

Before you decide to move, it is worth considering in advance whether you decide to move on your own or want to use a specialist company. If we choose the latter option, then we should review the offers and choose the best one. An interesting solution is also to make an appointment for a personal consultation, which aims to price the services. As a rule, it should be completely free. Moving offices is quite a problematic issue, which is why it is necessary to check the route between two points in advance. This is very important information for the company. We should segregate all items even a few months before moving. We must not forget about cardboard boxes for moving, adhesive tapes, old newspapers, packing paper, bubble wrap, polystyrene, stretch foil, garbage bags, sharp knife, dust cloth, backpack – all these items will be needed during transport.

Moving with a transport company – how to organize it?

The services of transport companies are comprehensive, but it is also possible to take advantage of several additional possibilities. The price depends on this range. In order to be able to quote a service, information on various topics will be necessary. For example, the location of the starting and destination points is not without significance. It is important to tell about the conditions in both apartments, as well as inform about possible difficulties, such as the lack of parking spaces or a small elevator. We will also be asked to draw up a list of large-size items, items that are particularly vulnerable to damage. The price is also influenced by the need for packaging materials as well as specific requirements. From the very beginning, we should also clearly define who packs, carries and brings in individual items.

The ideal time to move – what is it?

Surely many people wonder how to choose the perfect date for moving. Well, it turns out that the most optimal seems to be the one that does not interfere with our work or other duties in any way. It is important to choose slightly warmer days – rain or snow effectively hinders, and sometimes even prevents, activities related to moving. We should arrange the date with the transport company as early as possible to book the most suitable day. Most often, customers decide to move on Saturdays, as well as at the end of the month. Services carried out on Sundays and public holidays are significantly more expensive.

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