Ile kosztuje kremacja kota?

How much does cat cremation cost?

Ostania aktualizacja 30 January 2023

How much does cat cremation cost? This is what every cat owner asks themselves when their life has come to an end. Animals are an extremely important point in the lives of many people in the world. This is due to many aspects that we actually understand intuitively well. First of all, they are friends who are with us regardless of the circumstances. For many years, they accompany us both in good times and in much worse ones.

So it’s easy to get used to enjoying their everyday behavior, habits that we know so well. Unfortunately, with time, there must be such a dramatic moment as the death of our pet. This is usually due to their much shorter life expectancy. In such a situation, the problem of dealing with this situation remains. At the same time, there is a body with which we can deal with several scenarios. One is simply disposal. However, this can be a difficult decision to make because it treats our friend’s body as waste. An alternative is animal cremation . She will be the subject of this article. First of all, we will answer the question of how much it costs to cremate a cat? What are these costs? Why is this procedure so popular?

How much does cat cremation cost?

It is immediately worth noting that one of the main factors that determine the price of cremation is the weight of the animal itself. This is due to the fact that in order to incinerate such a body, the furnace has to run longer. At the same time, it will not be used for other purposes during this time (unless we are talking about collective cremation). It is this second aspect that is crucial. For an individual process, the price must be much higher for similar reasons as before. The cat is a light animal, so in its case the discussed process will not be the most expensive. What amounts should be assumed if we are interested in such a procedure? In a collective situation, it will probably cost between PLN 190 and PLN 280. The price of cat cremation  will be much higher if it is done individually. In such a situation, the cost is usually between PLN 700 and PLN 900. At the same time, the amounts are easier to give in the case of a cat because there is not as much variance depending on weight than there is in the case of a dog.

What do we get with cremation?

We should think about what we are actually paying for. The basic answer to this question is that for incinerating the body of a dead cat and the possibility of recovering its ashes. This second aspect is very important. The ashes help keep the memory of the animal alive. Most often it is packed in decorative urns. Here too there are differences, because they can look completely different. Urns that we can simply bury or put in some place in the house are popular. Alternative solutions are those in which the urn is in the form of a chain or other type of piece of jewelry. At the same time, some may wonder about the prices of cremation itself. Is it too big? You can simplify the answer that if people decide to do it and the popularity of this procedure is constantly increasing, then no. However, it should be approached with more attention to detail. First of all, the investment itself in the form of buying the right furnace is not cheap. Secondly, the process itself takes a certain amount of time. For a cat, this will probably take around 2 hours, but for larger animals it can take up to 4 hours. Thirdly cremation must be a controlled process . Fourth, the urn itself. We should also point out that this is not an easy business as it requires constant contact with the grief of customers.

Is pet cremation worth it?

Is cremation the only way to deal with our cat’s body? No, because they can also be disposed of. However, they are completely different approaches that have different elements to offer. The process analyzed in this article causes an individual approach to the carcass of an animal. This is associated with more respect and the possibility of obtaining ashes later. A souvenir should remind us of our pet more often. One can even be tempted to say that cremation is in a sense a ceremonial. Disposal seems more objective. In such a situation, our pet’s body is collected en masse, as is the case with many other animals in the area, regardless of their species. Of course, nothing is free and the first option is more expensive than recycling.


The price of cremation depends largely on the weight of the animal (as this determines the length of the entire process), so in the case of a cat it will be cheaper than for a dog’s body. The cost in the range from PLN 190 to PLN 280 seems to be a good hint for people who are interested in this in the case of mass cremation. Individual treatment is much more expensive. In such a situation, you should expect an expense of about PLN 780-830. However, defining wider limits, it should be a cost of PLN 700 to PLN 900. Of course, the range of services may vary, and in such a situation the basic variable will be the price.

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