Photovoltaics in Toruń
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Photovoltaics in Toruń

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Photovoltaics in Toruń – modern technology enables effective use of sunlight to generate electricity. Today, many people are interested in the costs of purchasing and installing photovoltaic panels, and thanks to subsidies aimed at stimulating this energy, each photovoltaic installation has become very affordable and profitable. Therefore, if you need to install photovoltaic installations in Toruń, contact our experts for advice, purchase and installation of solar panels on the roof of your home or office building.

What do you need to know about photovoltaics in Toruń?

Today, the issue of using clean, renewable energy is very hot. In the last few decades, rooftop photovoltaic farms have gone from incredible to mundane. Due to the depletion of natural resources and severe air pollution, solar panels are becoming more and more popular in many countries around the world. Photovoltaic installations installed by Toruń provide energy to houses, single-family houses, nursing homes and even industrial enterprises. Solar panels consist of photovoltaic converters that connect to the system and convert solar energy into electricity.

Types of Solar Panels:

  1. Thin-film panels consist of one or more layers of photovoltaic material deposited on a thin substrate. This type is the cheapest and easiest to install. The average efficiency of the listed power supply is 25%.
  2. Monocrystalline panels – Solar cells are made of the same sheet of silicon alloy facing in one direction. This panel is small and light. The average yield is 18%.
  3. Polycrystalline panels differ from monocrystalline panels in that the photovoltaic cells are oriented in different directions. Similar types are used to illuminate rooms, buildings and streets. The energy efficiency is around 14-18%.

Benefits of owning a photovoltaic farm in Toruń

The main benefit is that solar energy is a renewable energy source, unlike natural gas, oil and coal which are mainly used to generate electricity.

The potential of the sun is practically inexhaustible, offering:

  • Ecologically safe – their production, transport, assembly and operation are completely harmless to people and the environment.
  • Savings – The huge cost of purchasing and installing solar panels pays for itself with minimal maintenance and free energy consumption.
  • Co-financing of the purchase and installation of PV in Toruń through the following programs: My Electricity 4.0, Clean Air, Thermomodernization Relief, Partial Refinancing of a PV Loan, Agroenergy.

It can be seen that photovoltaic installations have many significant advantages, the market is developing dynamically, and thanks to government subsidies, it is more profitable to buy panels. We believe that in a few years science will be able to find a way to completely switch to this type of power source. Entrust the installation of solar panels to our professionals. You will receive a free consultation and we will develop a project based on your energy needs and install the panels on the roof or on the ground.

Photovoltaic installation in Toruń – important aspects

There are some nuances to consider when installing photovoltaics in Toruń. The energy efficiency of solar panels will directly depend on the location of your home. Photovoltaic converters react differently to shadows. Thanks to the shading, polycrystalline panels generate very little energy. But under similar circumstances, monocrystalline silicon stopped producing electricity altogether. Therefore, before installing the roof plate, make sure that during normal daylight hours (from 10:00 to 14:00) there is no shadow from the surrounding objects – trees, hills do not fall on the roof surface.

It is also necessary to decide what the total area to install the converter should be so that its power can fully cover the needs of the house or production company. The average single-storey house uses about 7.2 kWh per day. Standard panels can generate up to 0.12 kW per day. For 7.2 kW you need 60 panels. If each were 1.42 by 0.64 meters, they would all cover an area of ​​approximately 54.5 square meters. In this case, you need to take into account not only the characteristics of the selected equipment, but also the level of insolation in your area.

Toruń photovoltaics for home and industrial use

Of course, only an experienced PV specialist in Toruń can correctly perform all the calculations and choose the perfect mounting point for solar panels. Therefore, it is best not to try to carry out the installation work yourself, but to contact us. We guarantee full compliance with quality standards and safety regulations. If you use our services, your photovoltaic panels in Toruń will generate maximum power in existing conditions. To find out the cost of the energy complex, contact our experts for consultation!

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