Real estate – a way to invest money
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Real estate – a way to invest money

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Real estate – a way to invest money: Surplus owners often face the question of how to invest the money they have in order to multiply their savings, but take the least risk of loss. There are many ways for capital to start working on its own, but one of the most secure and economical from a financial point of view is investment in real estate for sale. It is widely known that the real estate market is one of the more stable markets in which prices continue to rise rather than fall, not taking into account several exceptional periods.

This investment is a kind of hen laying golden eggs. Many people on real estate, in which they came into possession by purchasing them from savings, gained financial freedom and are able to make a living by renting these premises alone, without a permanent full-time job.

When analyzing the real estate market for sale, one should not narrow down the search only to apartments, it is also worth focusing on commercial premises, office spaces or warehouses. Each such building has its own characteristics and can bring considerable profits per year. A certain investment that guarantees the costs incurred is the purchase of a residential property, preferably an apartment in a good location surrounded by university centers or the city center. Such a rented flat is pure profit. The most profitable is renting an apartment for students, for rooms, then for renting a 3-room apartment you can get an amount of even over two thousand. It is worth knowing that rental prices are getting higher every year, and there will never be a shortage of tenants willing to rent an apartment. The purchase of real estate for sale is an investment that can earn up to 10 percent per annum, currently on the banking services market, there is no deposit or investment fund that would guarantee such an income.

It is best to choose one of the student cities to locate your savings, there will never be a shortage of tenants in such cities. It is good that the apartment is located near the university, or in a short distance from it. Another aspect that should be noted in this case is that the property sold has a separate kitchen, the more rooms, even the smaller, the more tenants. It is rare that students rent an entire apartment, which is why each room is an additional profit, in addition, younger people do not have too much requirements in terms of housing. A more important aspect for them is the price and location of the property, than the side that faces the windows or the view from the kitchen. It is a perfect symbiosis on the real estate market, because the owner of the apartment wants to earn, and the student live in decent conditions and good location. It has been estimated that 30% of the flats rented in large cities are students. In the summer season, when students leave the city, it sometimes happens that such flats are empty, but this is also a solution if the property is located in one of the student cities, such as Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań, you can be almost sure that you taking willing tourists also in summer to take advantage of daily rent of such an apartment.

Why invest in real estate put up for sale? Because, even if housing prices fall in the future, it will be a relatively small loss, in addition, housing is still a deficit good in our country, so it is an investment destination that gives a certain profit. Another aspect of such an investment is the possibility of living in such an apartment in the future, or selling it in urgent cash if necessary.

Before buying real estate, it is worth contacting several developers, and familiarizing yourself with various real estate offers for sale, analyzing your needs and opportunities offered by the budget, why it is more profitable to buy a new apartment  than to buy back those located in old buildings and incur costs refurbishment. However, sometimes the opposite is the case, so it’s not worth hurrying with such a decision, it’s worth remembering that the final word belongs to us, because we’re the investors. Many investors who have invested their capital in real estate currently have a dozen or so flats throughout Poland and manage them effectively, generating their profits at a very satisfactory level.

However, you cannot approach this type of investment with a light hand, it is the same risk as playing the stock market, every move should be thought out here, from the location, the moment of purchase to the moment of renting its costs and the like to be able to make good money on real estate listed on naked sale, watch over everything. Like any market, the real estate market is governed by its laws and you need to become familiar with them, implement them and submit to them so as not to be lossy in investments? It should be remembered that every deposit of savings gives the opportunity to earn or lose, in the case of real estate, a higher probability is a profit, but it’s best not to forget that sometimes here too the leg can get.

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