Rehabilitation centers out of season
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Rehabilitation centers out of season

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You are considering staying in a rehabilitation center. Do you need the help of specialists? You don’t know when it’s best to go to this type of place to be able to fully enjoy its charms and rest without any obstacles. Decide to stay in a rehabilitation center out of season, this solution has the same advantages, which we write below.

Fewer patients

This is the basic advantage of staying in rehabilitation centers out of season. Stays in this type of places during the holiday season are becoming increasingly popular in our country. This is due to the fact that our rehabilitation centers attract a large number of foreigners who, delighted with the charm of Polish nature, want to spend their holidays in such a place. Also compatriots, more and more aware of the need to take care of their health, decide to vacation in such places. Many stays financed by the NFZ or PFRON also take place in the summer season, which all translates into a large occupancy of the center. Staying in a rehabilitation center outside the season is associated with greater comfort, but also less financial outlay, as the prices of stays after the season are falling drastically.

The aforementioned costs

Rehabilitation centers outside the season also have to support themselves, employing a whole host of specialists, which is why, to encourage patients, they reduce the prices of stays by up to half, because the number of people willing to stay in the rehabilitation center decreases with the passing summer, This is a big opportunity, because the stay of two people in the resort can cost the same as one person in the season. It’s best to decide on dates in early spring or late autumn. However, facilities of this type also have numerous advantages during the winter.

Cheaper cost of attractions in the area

Not only rehabilitation centers lower their prices after the season, but also all types of tourist facilities, decide to reduce prices. Therefore, the cost of stay drops even more, if we do not decide to eat at the price of the stay, you can easily find cheap food near the resort. If you want to enjoy your stay in a new place and explore the surroundings, we’ll definitely spend a lot less than during the holiday season.

Attractive treatment offers

This is largely associated with encouraging people to come to the rehabilitation center. In the off-season, you can hunt for interesting bargains and treatment packages at a price up to 50% lower than traditionally. In addition, access to specialists is also much greater because they are not as busy with work as in the season they can devote more to patients and treatments. After all, specialists are also people who may be forced when they perform a dozen or so treatments during the day. Therefore, to be sure that the procedure will be performed correctly and accurately, it is better to come to such places except for the highest occupancy.

A better room

In the season it is difficult to find any room in the Rehabilitation Center, except when the occupancy drops drastically, patients have different options to choose from. As a result, you can adjust the room to your needs, as well as preferences, it is not uncommon for the facility to have only a dozen or so people who we will rarely meet during your stay. A room with a beautiful view of the mountains is not a problem in the off season. Also, people with no disabilities can be sure that they will be accommodated in a room that is adapted to their disability.

A more intimate atmosphere

In a smaller group of people, you can fully devote yourself to relaxation, you also do not have to wait in long queues to the canteen or for treatments. All this contributes to much more comfort during your stay. After all, not everyone wants to be in a crowded place plenum of strangers.

Better access to a variety of therapies

Each treatment can be performed on a given day on a certain number of people and nothing can be done about it, if, for example, the treatment lasts an hour, then only eight people can use it on a given day, so it’s easier to take advantage of an interesting off-season offer when the number of interested people naturally decreases because of fewer people in rehabilitation centers. The same is true with specialized animal therapies. In the off-season they are more rested and ready to work with the sick than in the season


In our country, unfortunately, but often the weather is capricious. Summer can pass under the sign of rain and storms. In contrast, autumn and early spring can surprise with a pleasant sun. In addition, the heat is not conducive to rest, the body is more lazy then and we have no strength for treatments.

All of these relate to one. Less crowding, overloading the center and better access to specialized therapies. Therefore, if you want to use the services of a rehabilitation center, it is worth considering the autumn or winter dates. The resorts are gold-plated most often in the picturesque scenery, which is why they do not lose, and even gain charm, when they are enveloped in fluff or golden leaves fall from trees.

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