Security agency on the estate? Find out what to expect from her
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Security agency on the estate? Find out what to expect from her

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Security agency on the estate? Find out what to expect from it – there are over several thousand property and personal protection agencies operating in Poland. They function as large corporations or small enterprises, and more and more often small companies are taken over by larger concerns known on the market. In this article, you will learn what to look for when choosing a security agency in your neighborhood. What to expect from a proven and reliable company and how a security agency works.

Relevant documents

Before hiring the right security agency, check that they are licensed to provide security services for people and property. This document is issued by the Ministry of the Interior. A legally operating security agency must also have liability insurance. To check the credibility of the company, you can ask for both certificates.

How to contact the security agency?

The contact offered by the security agency, as well as its customer service, prove the quality of services provided by the company. Before signing the contract, contact is usually trouble-free and immediate, and the service is at the highest level. In some cases, however, the signing of the contract ends this pleasant process. The best solution is for the entity, which is the security agency, to appoint a special person who deals with communication with clients (in this case, estate managers, developer or residents’ community). The form of contact remains to be determined. Communication via e-mail or telephone seems to be the most convenient. Ongoing contact, quick reaction certainly affect the positive image of the company and its good reception among the residents of the estate. Deficiencies in this area may lead to a reduction in trust.

Security agency – employees

Employees are the backbone of any company. Poorly paid security guards with long-hour shifts and civil law contracts will certainly be less satisfied than well-paid security guards with schedules planned in advance and taking into account the law. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find out what employees think about their employer. It is enough to follow the most popular internet forums or ask directly. In addition to the working conditions of the employed bodyguards, it is extremely important how they are recruited, and then controlled and supervised. The security agency has many tools thanks to which it can verify the process of tasks performed by employees. The most popular is direct control during the ongoing duty. In many companies, the frequency and scope of such inspections can be established. Another control tool is the electronic rounds system.

What is it about? The employee has a special electronic reader on which tasks to be completed within a certain time are displayed. In order to execute them, he must go to a certain place and mark the execution of the command by “bounce at a certain point”. Depending on the system, information about the security guard’s rounds is stored only in the reader or automatically sent to the security agency management unit. The software available in the central database verifies the information sent and accepts or – in case of errors – informs the responsible persons. Some agencies have very extensive programs and devices, which, in addition to their basic functions, provide the current location of the security guard at all times. In this way, superiors know what is happening with their subordinate and what work he is doing at a given moment. This also increases the safety of the employee himself, because in the event of a faint or other health problem, he can be tracked very easily. Modern devices also have a panic button that can be activated in emergency situations that require third party intervention. Additional protection and support in the work of the security guard are cameras mounted in duty rooms. The image is received not only by an on-site employee, but also in the monitoring center, which is an effective tool for employee verification.

What to expect from a security agency?

When negotiating a contract with a security agency, you should take into account not only its cooperation with its subordinates, but also the scope of security and the equipment they use. A modern monitoring system will certainly increase the level of security in the estate. The greater the range and quality of services, the higher the prices. This should be taken into account when looking for a professional company. Higher prices are typical for smaller housing estates, but they do not result from high agency margins. The costs include, among others: employee salaries, uniforms, potential compensation. The lion’s share of the costs are the aforementioned salaries, because well-paid employees work more efficiently and effectively, which is common to all industries.

Therefore, there is no point in saving on your own safety, and the price should not be the only factor determining the final choice, because it may turn out to be disastrous.

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