Tattoos – when to do?
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Tattoos – when to do?

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Tattoos – when to do? Until recently, tattoos were associated with the criminal world and a prison. Fortunately, nowadays it looks a bit different – tattoos are common and do not have much consequence in our daily life. What should we know about tattoos? Is a tattoo in summer possible? When is it worth deciding to get a tattoo? How to take care of it? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Basic information about the tattoo

First of all, it is worth considering what tattoos actually are . It turns out that by defining this concept, we could come to the conclusion that it is a certain graphic sign on the skin, which was created as a result of permanent implantation of a dye under the skin. This operation is performed with the use of a specialized needle, which must be sterile in any case to avoid infections and other complications. In our country, a person who has already turned 18 can decide on a tattoo. However, there are exceptions to each rule – and it is also the case here. The body can be decorated by a young man before the age of 18, but the consent of the legal guardians will be necessary, which should be borne in mind. It is worth realizing that only a good tattoo artistshould undertake any activities. It is very important because such a procedure can lead to problems and skin complications. So before we decide on a good tattoo studio , we should pay attention to the qualifications of employees, as well as what equipment and accessories they use. Each person deciding to get a tattoo must be aware that there is a possibility of infection with dangerous viruses, such as HIV, HCV, HBV – it results from the essence of the procedure. You should be aware that even a permanent tattoo does not last forever, which is worth keeping in mind. This is obviously due to the fact that the dye is absorbed through the skin as a result of the natural process of cell replacement.

Summer tattoo – is it possible?

Tattoos – when to do?Are you wondering if a tattoo in summer is possible? We are in a hurry with the answer! Specialists advise against performing this treatment during this period, due to the fact that skin healing takes longer. How much? It all depends on our individual factors, such as the condition of the skin or the size of the skin. However, if we have already decorated our body in the summer months, then we must avoid the solarium and sun rays. If we start tanning the tattoo, we must take into account that the dyes will fade, which will make the visual effect much less satisfactory. In addition, the skin will overheat and blood circulation will accelerate. As a consequence, the movement of the ink particles will be more intense, leading to a loss of sharpness and color intensity.Based on specialized studies, it was concluded that tanning beds should also be avoided for the same reasons. Sea bathing and swimming in pools are also definitely inadvisable. If the tattoo gets wet, the healing process will be more problematic and longer. We should not have contact with sand / soil, due to the fact that microbes can infect our skin. The sauna is also discouraged so as not to sweat your own skin.The sauna is also discouraged so as not to sweat your own skin.The sauna is also discouraged so as not to sweat your own skin.

Tattoos – when to do? – When is the best time to get a tattoo?

It goes without saying that during the summer, the risk of skin infections increases significantly, which can lead to serious ailments that should be considered. Therefore, the best specialists in their profession recommend that you decide on such a treatment in winter, autumn, and eventually in early spring. It is during these periods that we can easily hide the wound under a layer of clothes, so that UV radiation is not scary to us. Consequently, the likelihood of skin irritation is very remote. Additionally, we reduce the risk of fading tattoos. The only drawback is that in winter there is a greater possibility that we will get flu or other bacterial diseases. This can lead to a weakened immune system which in turn means it will take more time to heal tattoos.

Tattoos – when to do? – How do I care for my tattoo?

The process of taking care of your tattoo begins in the tattoo studio. After the work is done, the tattoo artist must properly secure the work. Various protective techniques are used, but dressings are most often used. If we want healing to be fast and safe, it is worth following universal guidelines. To wash tattooed skin, we should not use perfumed or colored cosmetics. Water and completely safe cosmetics that are used for children are definitely the best solution. The tattooed place should be exposed outside. In some cases, specialists recommend using a special cream that will greatly accelerate the healing of wounds.