Versace. What makes the world fashion giant stand out?
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Versace. What makes the world fashion giant stand out?

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Versace. What makes the world fashion giant stand out?When the Versace family founded their brand, no one could predict what adversity would be for entrepreneurs. Gianni, Donatella and Santo have climbed their heights to promote a new fashion house. After years, the brand is considered one of the largest and most popular companies dealing with premium fashion. What characterizes the Versace fashion house?

Gianni – a genius and visionary

The popularity of Versace began with the vision of Gianni, who was born in Italy in Reggio Calabria. He loved glamor and excess, liked rich decorations, and his lifestyle impressed everyone he met on his way. The designer was not afraid of quirks and controversy, so when he created his child – the Versace brand – she immediately attracted the attention of the fashion world. Giovanni especially loved baroque designs, designs based on absolute splendor, and the head of Medusa became the trademark of his company. The mythological creature expressed what Gianni wanted to convey with his designs – he was to tempt, enslave and pave his way to the great world for his inventors.

Gianni began his career in his mother’s studio. Although his teachers did not tolerate his exotic style and ridiculed his passion, his mother supported her son and did everything to increase his abilities. Gianni designed his first dress before the age of ten, and after graduating from high school he moved to Milan. There, he was appreciated by important people on the market, thanks to which he gained popularity in the fashion world.

He founded the Versace brand in 1978. He had a vision from the beginning: he wanted pop culture to mix in his subtle projects with baroque splendor and rock nonchalance. The cult of models that prevailed in the 1980s and the sexiness of models co-creating his shows caused a real storm on the catwalks.

Versace – style, shine, tinsel

Gianni was not alone in his pursuit of success. He was accompanied by his sister, Donatella, and brother – Santo. Donatella was his voice of reason, but also a muse: it was on her that Gianni was to test his projects, for her he changed them and strongly based on her choices. Thanks to the feminine element in Gianni’s life, he managed to create a style that customers around the world loved. Versace clothes are premium fashion from the top shelf – people who have had the opportunity to wear brand clothes repeat that the collections are refined in every inch and there are no that would let them down.

Despite the tragic death of the designer in 1997, Donatella continued to lead the brand and did not let her drown. The Versace empire was worth millions, and the chief designer was his star, so maintaining customer confidence in the brand was breakneck. Donatella did it – she became the face of the brand, created new, surprisingly good collections and began a new chapter in the company’s life.

Versace clothes – what’s worth having

Versace clothes are small works of art – Italian design, combined with classics and great style has its supporters around the world. The company designs beautiful, decorative dresses that pass the exam on every red carpet. Versace is a brand that dresses the biggest Hollywood stars and outstanding artists. He also creates clothes that are perfect for everyday stylizations, but people wearing them must remember that the Versace style is very spectacular. The more decorations, the better – the rules that were natural for Gionni are still followed by those around him. Trends created by the brand still reign on red carpets.

Versace – everyday fashion

Italian elegant women who we admire so much for loyalty to the classic style love the brand for the craftsmanship of clothes. Absolutely perfect clothes, unique details, great material are things that have impressed many fashionistas. Versace shoes are made according to traditional craftsmanship, which is a design full of details and decorations. Premium fashion in the Versace edition are things whose class is impossible to forge.

People who do not like boredom and gray in fashion will definitely find themselves in the aesthetics of the brand. Versace are made of high quality materials (these are usually natural materials, i.e. linen and cotton). Every day, pants, jeans and dresses from the Italian brand are made with great care – when buying any of these things, we can be sure that we will be noticed and nobody will pass by indifferently. The brand is widely known all over the world, so having clothes with the signature jellyfish logo will make us stand out and make your wardrobe more attractive. Despite the high prices that are natural for luxury brands, we can find products of this company at attractive prices in online stores. All thanks to discounts that shops allocate to their customers seasonally. Buying premium clothes pays – you only need to know where to buy them so as not to overpay.

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