What are the parts of a trampoline called?
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What are the parts of a trampoline called?

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What are the parts of a trampoline called? Garden trampolines are a great idea to diversify spending time with your family. They are mainly used by children, although adults can also include them in recreation. First of all – it’s a way to have fun, secondly – it provides outdoor fun, and thirdly – it guarantees a large dose of exercise. Let’s get to know this device from the inside – let’s look at the individual parts of the trampoline.

Inner mesh

The protective inner mesh is the part that allows users to perform even high jumps in a safe way. Thanks to it, none of the participants of the game will jump outside the circle designated by the trampoline , and can also use its elasticity. Usually it is equipped with a zipper, thanks to which operation is child’s play. It can also be installed quickly. A good quality mesh will be durable and resistant to various external factors. It should be maximally resistant to changing weather conditions, sunlight, temperature, as well as to mechanical damage. The right net will allow you to play safely for a long time, but even the best one requires regular replacement. Systematic service is a guarantee of peace and comfort.

External mesh

The outer mesh is a layer of protection that is designed to be stretched over the posts. It is slightly different from its predecessor, although its parameters are usually similar. It should be durable, dense, resistant to sunlight and rainfall, solid and protected against accidental opening while jumping. Many people indicate that a trampoline with an inner mesh better protects against unwanted events. It is placed in such a place that it is impossible for a child to fall on the springs. However, if someone has equipment with an external mesh, they can protect themselves from this risk. In fact, it is enough to buy a collar, which will be discussed later in the text.

Trampoline mat

The mat, also called a trampoline, is the basic part of the trampoline . The quality of play depends on how the material forming the mat behaves. So it must be springy, because the main attraction is to be the most effective jumps. Here, first of all, the emphasis is placed on mechanical strength that will withstand many body impacts over several years of use. In fact, however, each element must also be resistant to damage caused by the equipment being in the open. The mat is equipped with metal holders, thanks to which it can be attached to the frame.


It is thanks to the springs that the trampoline stays firmly in check and guarantees proper tension. They are fixed between the mat and the frame of the toy using the hooks adapted for this purpose. Springs are relatively minor accessories that can be replaced after some time. In this way, you can refresh the quality of the equipment without opting for a complete replacement of the product. It is not surprising that the use of springs affects the tension of the mat. It may turn out that even the purchase of a few new springs will change the effectiveness of the jumps beyond recognition!

Collar (spring cover)

The previously mentioned collar is, firstly, to protect users from springs, and secondly – to protect the springs from damage. Metal can corrode and wear out, but a professional cover can prevent this. There is also no need to talk about the unpleasantness that may result if your leg gets stuck in unsecured gaps. The collar is especially useful for a trampoline with an outer net. This solution is not only safe, it is also a way to enlarge the play space. The material can be additionally filled with foam that is pleasant to the touch.

Trampoline posts and mushrooms

The posts are the outermost part, which is responsible for keeping the frame vertical. They support the net of the trampoline , enabling stable protection of users against falling out. They are usually thick tubes covered with a soft sponge to reduce the impact if the child comes into contact with the post while jumping. Mushrooms for post overlays, thanks to which you can attach the internal mesh to them.

Trampoline ladders

Often the jumping mats are placed at a height that does not allow the youngest children to climb inside on their own. The use of a ladder is a good solution, especially for small children. They can easily get on and off the mat without worrying about the risk of falling. Thanks to the adapted catches, you can stably hook the steps to the hoop. A high-quality stepladder will have non-slip steps that are flattened and wide, and set at the right angle.

Other accessories

Other accessories for the correct operation of the trampoline include: top rail, anchors for fixing and spring hooks. The upper rail, also called the upper ring, is an additional reinforcement of the structure, allowing for even better tension of the net. Mounting anchors (herrings) make it possible to attach the whole to the ground. Hooks, on the other hand, are wrenches for winding the springs.

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