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What boxers do men choose? The best men’s underwear

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The lingerie industry is usually associated primarily with women; it is for them that the vast majority of products or advertisements are intended, not to mention the fact that it is much easier to get various types of women’s underwear.
This does not mean, however, that underwear intended for men can not be equally eye-catching, diverse in terms of cuts and colors.

A selection of loose boxers

Boxers are by far the most popular choice among men when it comes to underwear. Comfortable to wear, they are available in almost every men’s lingerie store.
Typical boxer shorts are rather wide, mid-thigh or longer; one-color, checkered, and sometimes even funny patterns – you can really choose them, as designers are sometimes really creative. As usual, branded underwear is much more expensive, although at the same time it is more durable and made of better quality materials. Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein are among the most popular producers of men’s boxers. Loose boxers are usually sewn from 100% cotton, they have wide rubber sewn in, thanks to which they adapt to the figure.

… and tight ones

The above type of men’s underwear is perfect for everyday use. However, if you are looking for something for special occasions, such as a special evening, tight boxers can be much better. Unlike ordinary boxers, these tightly adhere to the body, but they do not restrict movement or cause discomfort in wearing (if, of course, they have been well chosen; too small underwear is never worn well).
Close-fitting boxers look particularly good on men with well-defined, muscular thighs. Then they perfectly emphasize this advantage, just like the buttocks – thanks to the materials of manufacture, as tight boxers are usually made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Very often, such boxer shorts are also shorter, reaching no more than mid-thigh. Their designs are usually more subdued – tight boxer shorts are usually one or two-colored, with the manufacturer’s name on rubber narrower than in loose underwear. With a high-class material, even the most tight boxers will protect the skin from moisture, letting the air in.

Briefs – comfortable and for every occasion

Boxers are the ones most often used by men. Briefs are very comfortable, well-fitted perfectly adhere to the body, so they do not restrict movement in any way. Most briefs are made of soft materials, primarily cotton; some models have an admixture of elastane for this, thanks to which they emphasize the buttocks even better.
Briefs are perfect for tight pants or made of thin material, as unlike boxers they will not stand out or are uncomfortable. Despite clinging to the body, briefs are permeable to air, preventing sweating of the skin. The difference between boxer shorts and briefs is more than aesthetics. In contrast to looser underwear, the briefs keep the genitals in the same position most of the time, which can be particularly important even for people practicing sports, especially
high-performance. In addition, perfectly matched briefs are able to shape the buttocks. Unlike boxers, briefs are less often patterned; most of them are one-, at most two-colored, but this may be one of the reasons why briefs are considered more elegant.

Thongs, i.e. not only for women

It is accepted that thongs are a type of underwear intended only for women. It is only a stereotype, which – unfortunately – often effectively discourages men from reaching for this type of underwear. There is nothing wrong with wearing men’s thongs, on the contrary: they can be an interesting change, especially if you are looking for something for special occasions. As in the case of women, thongs for men approach a more erotic type of lingerie, making them ideal for a special evening. Men’s thongs may be more or less cut out, and more courageous men may feel like reaching for underwear made of translucent material. After all, who said that only women can dress sexy? Thanks to thongs, men can display their greatest strengths, especially if they can boast of muscular buttocks and thighs. Some of the men’s thongs have a push-up that raises and enhances the genitals. Like other types of men’s underwear, men’s thongs are soft and comfortable to wear. The rubber, which usually has the manufacturer’s logo, perfectly adapts to the body. Most often, men’s thongs are made of such materials as polyester or polyamide mixed with elastane and cotton.

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