What is website positioning?
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What is website positioning?

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What is website positioning? Website positioning  is also called SEO. The very abbreviation SEO comes from the English words Search Engine Optimization . The goal of such actions is for a given page to achieve top places in search results, especially in Google search engine. Website positioning is particularly important for service providers. Shops, producers and persons providing specific services must be present on the Internet. Only a high result in the search engine is a guarantee that customers interested in the goods or services will find a specific page, and thus the company.

Website positioning – what does it depend on?

For a page to rank high in search results, several factors must be met. Positioning pages for a specific phrase is effective as long as it has no competition. The more similar websites there are, the harder it is to stand out. An example would be the phrase “sports shoes”. It enjoys great popularity, so the more difficult it is to position pages on it. In this regard, it is important to find your niche.

Website positioning is also closely related to linking. Currently, this is one of the most important factors. Linking is links that are found on other pages and lead to this particular one. The stronger, more reliable and better positioned the page is, the stronger the links are. It is not only their quantity that counts, but also quality. Getting valuable linking is a lot of work and, above all, time. Website positioning is quite a laborious task. Of course, the first effects are quite fast, but taking care of the site takes time. In addition, linking is sometimes expensive. Articles with links on large portals should be purchased, and the cost of copywriting itself.

For the good position of the page, its construction is also important, i.e. the structure itself, as well as the content placed on it. First of all, it must be unique so that Google does not disqualify it for duplicate content. Website positioning is therefore also associated with their optimization. The site placed high in the search results is lightweight, loads quickly, and is also responsive, i.e. adapted to be viewed on different devices.

Website positioning – when does it not work?

There are many reasons why a website is low in search results. Errors in its structure are quite common, especially if entrusted to a person who does not have much experience. Sometimes the reason for the low position of the site is too much competition.

At the beginning, when the site is just being developed, and its owner does not have large funds for its promotion, one of the basic activities is care for the content placed on it. They should be as diverse and substantive as possible, which is an added value for users. In many cases, the vision of downloading texts from the competition seems tempting, but it is nowhere. You can even get banned for doing so. If the site is just a hobby, you should act so that its visibility increases. You can give a variety of advice on the web, for example on forums, make videos on YouTube, create profiles related to the site on social networks. There, the website address should appear in the signature or description. The most important, however, are valuable tips that will attract users. Thanks to them, positioning will be easier.

The website can also be added to the most known catalogs. This method is less and less used, but sometimes it brings results.

Search engine optimization, which is supposed to bring income to its owners, is something completely different. First of all, these activities require specialist knowledge. Therefore, in this case, it is best to entrust this task to professionals. Positioning websites alone can do a lot of harm. You can do more harm than you can with actually good results. In some cases, for example, Google may impose filters on a page, which is very bad.

No company should guarantee that in a very short time the site will take high positions in the search results. Website positioning is always a task stretched in time. In addition, it is a task that should be repeated on a regular basis. Therefore, when starting cooperation, it is useful to sign the overall cooperation package. Website positioning should be result oriented. Every now and again, for example every month, you should check your results. You can be charged for the efficiency achieved with the operating company. Effective positioning  is a guarantee of the success of the project. Google  knows what’s good.

Website positioning is a long-term activity, and it costs money. Offers suspiciously cheap and declaring a high position in a record short time is better to bypass the wide arc. It is certainly a task for a professional or even for an SEO agency, depending on how much to do.

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