What lighting to choose for the kitchen? Practical tips
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What lighting to choose for the kitchen? Practical tips

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What lighting to choose for the kitchen? Practical tips: Lighting is a very important element of kitchen design. The right choice of lamps will not only allow comfortable cooking even after dark or early morning, but will also add to this – otherwise very important – room a unique character. After all, the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen is no less important than decorating the bedroom or living room!

When planning the lighting system in the kitchen, we must first of all remember about functionality. Of course, it will look a little different in a small kitchen and a different one, for example, combined with a dining room. For convenience of cooking, it is necessary to place lamps next to countertops or next to the oven.

Hanging lamps for the kitchen

While hanging lamps are basically a universal choice when it comes to lighting rooms, in the kitchen they are not a necessity. They are best suited as the main light source in small-sized kitchens, where directional lamps will be only a small addition to facilitate cooking after dark.

In the kitchen combined with the dining room it is good to decide on placing a hanging lamp above the table – in this case this type of lamp will work much better than any lighting, as with a good distribution of light will be uniformly distributed over the entire table surface.

Even if hanging lamps are not so important in the kitchen, it is good to choose them so that they fit the character of the room. If you value originality, you may like lamps designed to resemble kitchen accessories – for example, a jug or cup.

Of the simpler, but still original things, lamps with several light sources and a lamp shade made of wire seem to be an interesting choice. On the other hand, fans of elegant, classic decorations will appreciate the simple lamps with one matte color – it is very easy to choose them for the kitchen, regardless of the style in which it was decorated.

Wall lamps – wall lamps for the kitchen

Do you dream about a cozy kitchen? By properly positioning the wall lamps, this effect will be easier to achieve than you might think. In addition, this type of lighting is extremely functional, as it can be used to illuminate the most important places in the kitchen – for example, kitchens or countertops. It is a good idea to buy several elongated lamps and place them in a long line near the cabinets or above the countertops.

Although sconces are not the best main source of lighting, they will allow you to localize the light sources locally at the most strategic points. Warm, strong light will not only highlight what is most important, but also give the room more aesthetics.

Wall lamps combining several light sources into one is the perfect choice. Many of these types of lamps are built in this way, the lampshade is small, one-color and highly minimalist – which proves its universality. Thanks to this, wall lamps have the feature that it is very easy to match them to the rest of the room. Their shapes are usually minimalistic and very simple, thanks to which they will fit into any decor style.

Spotlights and spot lights

Spot lamps are the perfect lighting for modern interiors. They perfectly fit into the character of a minimalist decor, although thanks to the simple, quite universal look with the right selection, they can look pretty good also in more classic kitchens.

The biggest advantage of spot lamps is low power consumption. Such lighting is a perfect solution for rooms without one main light source – for example a hanging lamp, also if we want to illuminate a specific place, for example a stove.

We will get a similar effect thanks to the headlights. Both spotlights and spots are LED lamps – ideal for modern kitchens. They combine everything that creates a modernist kitchen: simplicity and functionality, shape geometry and limited colors (limited, because most of these types of lamps usually have one shade color; black, white and red are definitely the most common).

Lighting for a large kitchen

Spacious rooms are more difficult to develop, also in terms of lighting. On the other hand, owners of large kitchens can afford greater variety in the choice of lamps; for example, a chandelier will look much better in such a kitchen than in a small room.

When planning a large kitchen, remember that one or two light sources are definitely not enough, even if you decide on a hanging lamp. A good idea will be sconce lamps that will illuminate the most important places – countertop or kitchen. Do not forget about additional lighting for the table or shoulder, if they are also in the kitchen.

Regardless of the style in which you want to decorate your kitchen, you will definitely find something for yourself. Currently, there are really many different kitchen lamps on the market, both in terms of color and design.

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