What kind of mosquito nets for external blinds?
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What kind of mosquito nets for external blinds?

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What kind of mosquito nets for external blinds? External roller shutters are solutions that perfectly protect the internal space against excessive heating in the summer, but also against heat loss in the winter. It also ensures adequate privacy, reduces the noise level, but also protects against burglary. However, with such external roller blinds, can we use appropriate mosquito nets for them, so that the whole is properly integrated and the entire system works as it should? 

Mosquito nets are solutions to be installed in window spaces, the main purpose of which is to provide protection against the attack of various types of insects. Each of us probably knows how much they can make our lives miserable in the spring and summer season. Flying flies, biting mosquitoes, lots of different kinds of black flies. A familiar sight? In many places, especially those located close to the forest, normal functioning is a really big problem. In such cases, mosquito nets are a very good choice that can certainly satisfy everyone, even the most demanding customers.

What mosquito nets can be installed in windows with external roller shutters?

The most popular are definitely frame mosquito nets, which are intended for installation in windows. They are the cheapest and at the same time the most versatile. They consist of an aluminum frame over which a mesh with very fine meshes is stretched, so as to protect the building against the attack of even the smallest insects. The use of such a mosquito net does not limit the operation of the window. They can be opened without any problems, and you can also use an external roller blind, without limiting its operation in any way.

Another proposal is sliding mosquito nets, which are an excellent option especially in large windows, where we have balconies, terraces, winter gardens or various types of shop windows. Such mosquito nets move on special guides, both upper and lower, the one or two-track. It all depends on what kind of window we have and how a given solution can be combined with each other so that it fulfills its role as best as possible. In the case of such a mosquito net, an appropriate clearance should be maintained from the frame to the inside of the roller shutter armor, so that both solutions fulfill their role as best as possible.

The next option is roller mosquito nets for windows, which can be vertical or horizontal. They are installed in window recesses, outside as well as inside, as in the case of roof windows. Their great advantage is that by installing them, they fulfill their tasks in the spring and summer, and then for the rest of the year they are rolled up and stored in a cassette. They can be installed in such a way that they are properly integrated with external roller shutters.

Slightly more expensive, but certainly one of the best solutions on the market, are mosquito nets combined with roller blinds into one product. They are combined together with the roller blind, creating an ideal option combining several of its properties. On the one hand, we have protection against the sun, privacy, protection against burglary, and on the other, in one product, an ideal solution that is tailored to provide protection against insects. Could you ask for something better?

Mosquito nets – install yourself or by a company?

One of the very big dilemmas of many people who want to bet on mosquito netsis whether to install them yourself or use the services of a company that specializes in this. Of course, as in everything, in every decision we make, we will find solutions that will bring a number of pluses as well as minuses. When it comes to buying and installing them yourself, the plus is that we will save a lot of money on it. You can buy such mosquito nets in the online store, and then install them step by step. The downside is that if we are not familiar with it, we can break something, and then the mosquito net will not perform its tasks as it should. If, in turn, assembly by a professional company is involved, then the advantage is that we know that such a service will be performed at the highest level, and mosquito netswill do their job as best as possible. The downside, however, is the price, because if we want someone to perform such a service for us, it is known that the price for a specific product will automatically drop.

Is it worth choosing such solutions? If we live in a place where there are lots of mosquitoes and flies want to get inside as soon as they see an open window, then you should bet on this type of solution, because it will guarantee you 100% satisfaction with your choice. The key is to choose an interesting offer that will be able to guarantee us the best products available on the market that will protect our interiors without the attack of insects. The greater the choice, the greater satisfaction and full satisfaction.

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