What should you know about rehabilitation?
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What should you know about rehabilitation?

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What should you know about rehabilitation? In the case of some diseases or after an accident, a stay in the hospital alone may not be enough to return to the former physical and mental fitness. Certainly, rehabilitation is recommended for such people, which can actually change our lives. What exactly is rehabilitation? What types of rehabilitation can we distinguish? What treatments can be performed during rehabilitation? Is massage a good form of rehabilitation? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What is rehabilitation?

First of all, we should be aware that medical rehabilitation is a comprehensive action for people with both mental and physical disabilities. It is used to fully restore our best efficiency or to significantly improve it, which will allow the patient to function independently. As a consequence, it will be possible to return to basic duties before the illness or other event. It is important that it is carried out by specialists, thanks to which the positive effects will be maximized. Physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, speech therapists, occupational therapists and even music therapists can deal with rehabilitation.

It is worth mentioning the four most important features that should characterize rehabilitation – it is the so-called. classic model. He says that rehabilitation is common. What does this mean in practice? It can be used by virtually anyone who needs it, regardless of their material or social status. Continuity is also important. As you know, this is a process that often takes quite a long time, which is why we cannot shorten it under any circumstances. Rehabilitation must be comprehensive. If we care about the client’s quick recovery, the entire complicated process should take place only under the care of specialists, whose composition should be thought out and selected depending on the individual patient. The last feature is “earlyness”. The earlier rehabilitation is introduced.

What types of rehabilitation can we distinguish?

It is important to know that both the scope and the method of rehabilitation may vary depending on the condition of the patient and his needs. As a rule, four types of rehabilitation are distinguished: neurological, cardiological, pulmonary and specialist. The former is performed in patients with neurological injuries, or after more serious injuries. In the vast majority of cases, it lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. As for cardiac rehabilitation, it is used in patients after a heart attack and lasts an average of 30 days. Pulmonary rehabilitation is primarily used for people who have respiratory diseases. It is usually conducted for about 3 weeks. The last rehabilitation, i.e. specialist, is intended for the blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired.

Rehabilitation – what treatments can be performed?

During the rehabilitation process, it is possible to use various treatments, depending on the specificity of the problem. The most popular form are massages, which, in addition to improving metabolism and strengthening joints, also relax muscles, improve circulation, and help get rid of unpleasant pain. Another procedure is the so-called “kinesitherapy”. This term refers to movement healing. There is a belief here that physical activity has a great effect on our body and psyche. In each case, a completely individual exercise program is developed, thanks to which it is possible to return to the former fitness. Magnetic field treatment seems to be interesting, which effectively relieves pain. Among the treatments, iontophoresis is also distinguished. It uses electrical stimuli, which effectively stimulates the nerves and relieves pain. There is also hydrotherapy (water therapy), cryotherapy (cold therapy) and balneotherapy, which consists of regular water baths.

Massage – an ideal form of rehabilitation?

Massage is considered one of the gentler and gentler ways to rehabilitate. In contrast to physical rehabilitation, during massage both specific tissues and adjacent areas are stimulated, which are characterized by a greater extent. This is probably why this form of rehabilitation is so popular and is recommended to many patients. Acting in a vast area is, contrary to appearances, a very important issue. In practice, it is difficult to indicate a specific point of the body that should be subjected to intense effort so that it is possible to return to the former physical capacity. Therefore, massage is very effective and in many cases it may turn out to be a hit.

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