Visit a jewelry store and buy a gift for your eighteenth birthday!
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Visit a jewelry store and buy a gift for your eighteenth birthday!

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A jewelry store is a place everyone likes to visit, regardless of age or gender. The gentlemen are going there for gifts for the ladies – or something for themselves – the ladies are looking for the opportunity to buy a nice trinket. However, when we go to such a store, we have to consider what we are actually going for. If we want to make a small present, we just look through things. But it is also important when we should go there. One such occasion is the eighteenth birthday of a loved one. We would like this day to be special … but how to do it? What to offer Of course – refined and elegant jewelry!

Let us assume for the purposes of this text that we are godparents, parents, partners of someone who is just entering adulthood. Usually you give money, but we also want to offer a souvenir that will last for years and maybe start a whole collection. First we need to figure out what our birthday boy actually likes. “Something nice” is not the right answer to this question.

When choosing a silver ring, be sure to bring a person with a similar hand shape. A silver jewelry store will allow us to try on a potential gift. Yes, probably everyone knows the situation from the comedy of mistakes, when a loved one sees her partner handing a ring to another woman (who really only measures it). However, we want it to fit perfectly on the finger. Usually one is chosen that can be adapted to the cordial. It’s good taste to give silver instead of gold or platinum for your eighteenth birthday. Excessive extravagance is not recommended. Simplicity often wins the other person’s heart, and what counts is the gesture.

Silver earrings are another example of a perfect gift. There are many factors to consider here. A woman who has long, dark and curly hair fits the wheels very favorably – but they only look good on slimmer ladies. Those that are more rounded will definitely benefit from long and straight earrings. We can choose ones that are decorated with small precious stones. How to choose them? Let’s match the color of the eyes of the person we give. Let’s try to emphasize her beauty, let’s remember what colors she likes to wear. If you like green, choose emeralds or – with a smaller budget – jade. Ladies who like blue will be happy with sapphires or aquamarines. In turn, those who prefer bold red will definitely love rubies.

A jewelry store can also equip us with necklaces. Here we have a very wide field to choose from. Simple, gold chains are good gifts for communion, but at eighteen we should opt for something more complex. Take care with heavy necklaces, choose rather something that will fit the neck of the recipient. A decorated, silver necklace with precious stones will be an absolutely sensational gift. If we want to decide on gold, let’s go for minimalism. Let’s remember that our loved one will want to wear it around the neck, and the opportunity makes a thief – it is better not to equip her with something that will be expensive and easy to break.

Of course, many girls also like bracelets. They are comfortable because you can choose the ones to put on your wrist and the ones that will fit on your leg. The latter resemble rather delicate chains, because they are usually fastened. The former can be diverse. If the birthday girl likes jewelry a lot, feel free to buy her a few different bracelets in a full color palette. Just remember to adjust them in size. Too big fall off the wrists, too small will not pass through the hand at all. The best are fastened. Often, a lot of interesting elements attach to them. Each jewelry store will have a wide selection of different decorations of this type.

As you can see, we have a lot of possibilities. However, the most important thing is that the gift was given from the heart. Sometimes it is better to buy something cheaper than to taste expensive and impractical jewelry. We need to know what the person who we want to give such a gift wears.

For example: if she doesn’t like rings, we can be sure that our gift will be fallow. This is not malice. It’s as if we got shoes that are not comfortable at all. Jewelry is a beautiful complement to an outfit, not an obligatory part of it.

Some wonder whether to buy anything at eighteen or better not give money. The solution is very simple: we choose a jewelry store, take a birthday girl (or birthday girl, many men like earrings!) And lead in. This solution has only the disadvantage that the person brought by us can choose something extremely expensive. If there is a risk that the recipient will let us go with the bags, we’d better choose something on our own. If not, let us choose for you. The jeweler will be able to advise you immediately. The obvious advantage of this solution is that we certainly will not choose something that will be fallow.

The positioning  of a jewelry brand on the local and national market is a long process. Focus on brand visibility in social media. Brand positioning on the market is a long-term process and should be carried out systematically. After a few years, our position should be well established.

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